02 February 2012

Doing what you love

The artist as a child...with a purple crayon.

Somewhere along the line I stopped doing what I loved. I got caught up in thinking about what I am doing, what I should be doing, and I lost a vital connection to my work. Over the last several months I have felt increasingly indifferent to my work, a feeling that is painful and confusing and ever so murky. I got stuck in my head. It wasn’t the same familiar feeling of “artist’s block,” it was something else. Something I couldn’t name.

I need to start drawing again.
I need to remember why I love line...
and printmaking...
and booking making...
I need to start doing what I love.

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www.juliadenos.com said...

It's a bad feeling of somehow being outside looking in on your own art, right? I always have found the best remedy is to let it be. You might just need a little rest before you return with the next brilliant thing-do something completely different to let your art mind recharge. It's in your nature and you will always return to it so no worries there, sometimes forcing it to be "on" is what pushes you out! But inspiration will always draw you back in on its own since you are an artist, no matter what your brain might tell you!

Lately, I've been having to produce a LOT for deadlines, forcing ideas out which is also just like a head game. It's almost the feeling of realizing you are falling asleep, so you can't fall asleep! I've found inspiration and natural "making" comes with good music, and a sense of inner trust (Earl Grey doesn't hurt either :)

Sorry for the wordiness!

Good luck Kate! I love the photos...she will return! :)