18 August 2016

Purple Pair

Purple is the color that occurs the least frequently in nature and was the first color to be synthesized.

Distant Violet (left)  Lilac or Violet (right)
gouache and cut paper on astronomical book pages
5.25 x 8" each

(copyright Kate Castelli 2016)

15 August 2016

Distance Violet

{detail} From a new series of work exploring shape and the color purple...

12 August 2016

Friday Inspiration: Purple

Pantone swatches by designer Inka Mathew (instagram.com/tinypmsmatch/)

The word purple comes from the Old English word purpul which derives from the Latin purpura, in turn from the Greek πορφύρα (porphura), name of the Tyrian purple dye manufactured in classical antiquity from a mucus secreted by the spiny dye-murex snail.