29 May 2016

Chair Constellations

Sunday = Sketchbook, cappuccino, and Eames chairs in the courtyard of the Fogg (Harvard Art Museum)

27 May 2016

Friday Inspiration: Cosmographics (Part 3: Stellar Bodies)

{top left}  From an edition of Abd ar-rahman Al-Sufi’s Liber locis Stellarum Fixarum, 964 {top right} Aratus Solensis Grotii Syntagma Arateorum, 1600 {bottom} Uranometria by Johann Bayer, 1603
Solar Man and Solar Woman from Solar Biology, by Hiram E. Butler (1887)

20 May 2016

Friday Inspiration: Long Live Keith

20 February 2016: the Rolling Stones in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   (photo by J. Bouquet)

"About myself I have no great illusions. I know what I am. I know what I'm good at. I know what I ain't. I'm always hoping to surprise myself. But I do have a love of music and I do love to communicate it, and that's the best I can do, really."

{Keith Richards}

13 May 2016

Friday Inspiration: Cosmographics (Part 2: Eclipses)

Johannes Regiomontanus Calendar published in Venice in 1482
{left} Solar Eclipses Physician’s Almanac, England ca. 1430-1431 {right} Kalender of the Shepherdes Table for Eclipses published in the 1490s in Paris by Guy Marchant and Antoine VĂ©rard.
Eclipses luminarium by Cyprian Leowitz (1554)