14 September 2016

Artists' Book Cornucopia VII

I'm thrilled to have my book "Child of the Moon" selected to be included in the exhibition Artists' Book Cornucopia VII.

The seventh in an annual series of international juried exhibitions of contemporary artists' bookworks, Artists' Book Cornucopia VII includes work by 40 artists from the United States, Canada and Argentina. The series highlights a broad spectrum of works created under the artists book work umbrella, with unique sculptural works exhibited alongside more traditionally bound and printed works.

This year's selections were made by Margery N. Sly, Director of Special Collections and Kimberly Tully, Rare Book Curator, Samuel L. Paley Library, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The exhibition runs from September 16 through October 29, 2016.

Abecedarian Gallery 
910 Santa Fe Drive, #101
Denver, Colorado

09 September 2016

From the archives

{Circa 2009} Smash Records | collage, linoblock, and hand stitching on a vintage 45 record sleeve | 7x7"

05 September 2016

Boston: A Love Letter*

September always feels like New Years to me. Twelve years ago this week I came here for my undergraduate studies and never left. So recently I took a moment this morning to reflect on this place I call home...

Noteable things not included on this sketchbook page: eating at JFK's table at the Union Oyster House, the guy who walks his pig in the Boston Common, how utterly awful the Green line is all the time, getting cheap margaritas and endless free chips and salsa at Border Cafe, browsing the lot at the Brattle Book Shop, the the time I saw cops drag a body out of the Charles River, ginko trees turning golden on Church St, seeing the Rolling Stones play at Fenway, running through the halls of the MFA at midnight after watching a special viewing of Christian Marclay's "The Clock," Tea at the Taj, the man who planted sunflowers every year on the corner in my old neighborhood...

*I live in Cambridge, which of course is not Boston...but both cities are have equal places in my heart and memories.