08 October 2015

BCA 24th Annual Drawing Show

Ochre Drawing Series | ink on 19th century paper, dimensions range from 7.5x9" to 10x12" | 2013-2015

I'm very excited that four of my drawings from the Ochre Series were selected to be in the Boston Center for the Arts 24th Annual Drawing Show. The opening reception is Friday October 9th from 6 to 8 pm at the Mills Gallery.

More information can be found at http://www.bcaonline.org/visualarts/mills-gallery/upcoming-exhibitions.html

27 September 2015


(Spread No. 18) vintage notebook page and woodblock on vintage paper, 14 x 7" opened

22 September 2015


(Spread No. 16, Sketchbook No. 14) fragments of woodblocks on vintage paper, 14 x 7" opened 

21 September 2015

Sketchbook No. 14

(Spread No. 7) woodblock proof and lithograph, 14 x 7" opened

(Spread No. 8) photocopy on graph paper and woodblock proof, 14 x 7" opened

Some pages from my recently completed Sketchbook No. 14 which took far too long to fill. It spanned from October 2013 to September 2015-- nearly 2 years! It has never taken me this long to complete a sketchbook. I've been using softcover Moleskin notebooks more and more. The process is different though: I do much more writing, planning, and research in the Moleskines. Time to get back in the habit of using sketchbooks as a place to experiment, document, and collect!