18 December 2017

Happy Birthday Keith Richards

Happy Birthday to Keith Richards... 
As he says at every concert, "It's good to be here, it's good to be anywhere." 
So play some Rolling Stones today and toast the man who will probably outlive us all.

27 November 2017

London Underground Map

{verso} London Underground Map from 1927, prior to the iconic redesign that untangled all the lines
{recto} Main Line map that encompasses most of the contemporary area known as Zone 1

Note the spelling!

17 November 2017

Lines / Grids / Patterns ZINE

Lines/Grids/Patterns Zine from the Sketchbook Project, designed by the fabulous Flight Design Co. 

The Brooklyn Art Library, home of the Sketchbook Project has just published a series of curated Zines featuring work from artists around the world. I'm thrilled that my sketchbook from 2011 (based on my love of the chairs in Jardin des Tuileries in Paris) was included in the Lines / Grids / Patterns edition.

Get your copy HERE!