14 January 2012

Roman Faces (a tiny book)

The assembly line for an edition of 25 tiny books.

After visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week, I went through my sketchbooks and realized how many faces I draw in museums. I filled a dozen pages when I was in Rome, mostly at the Vatican and the Musei Capitolini (see the original post here). So I decided to make a tiny book. Actually I decided to make an edition of 25 tiny books.

Some page selections from Roman Faces

I played around with several different ideas, but I really wanted  to lay out an entire book on an 8.5x11" page. The book would be a simple signature or pamphlet, printed double sided in black and white. I had an entire package of vintage onionskin typing paper. The paper was very light and slightly translucent. I loved the way the drawings were slightly visible on both sides, creating a deep layering effect when they were bound together.

The finished book measures 2.125 x 2.75". It is a single signature with 32 pages and a cover. It includes 30 drawings.

copyright Kate Castelli 2012

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ETCIllustration said...

WAAAAAANT. These are so beautiful, Kate!