13 April 2010

Numeri Cardinali

I've found myself recently returning to bookmaking. It is a satisfying combination of precision, sequence, and materiality. It is also a format that is a natural extension of my sketchbooks.

I feel like I've had a rather slow epiphany about it all.

I decided to give myself a little challenge:
1. Complete a book in 5 days
2. Use only the ephemera in the top drawer of my flat file and materials on hand in the studio (nothing can be purchased or manufactured)

(click to enlarge) the result...

Numeri Cardinali
accordion structure with hardcovers
sumi ink, block-printing, and ephemera with hand-stitching
4 x 24" opened

Detail of panel 2 and 3.

Detail of panel 4. There is something compelling and slightly odd about the children (from a vintage Italian postcard).

copyright Kate Castelli 2010

1 comment:

seesaw designs said...

WOW. this is really beautiful work! i love it. totally inspired to use my bookmaking skills i learned in college.