07 April 2010

The City

The City
Pages 10-11 (Canis Major)
Block print on graph paper and Sumi ink on vintage book page

8.5 x 6.375" opened

My book, The City, is featured in The Artful Scriptorium, a show of artists' books, opening this weekend at Climate Gallery.

The City evolved from a an old guidebook to London that I found at one of my favorite used bookshops. I bought the book for its maps, but as I was reading the contents I noticed the author took great poetic liberty in their description of London. I was intrigued and began to isolate words and phrases. The resulting pages came together into what Tristian Tzara would call a found poem, an unconscious narrative.

The City
The heart should not go unnoticed by the night.
To leave unseen,
and admiring something more that lies beyond--
Only to be found.

One remembers only--
a glimpse of home,
corresponding closely with distant journeys.

A man acquainted with the footsteps of the metropolis,
so vast to traverse,
will have little heart.

Passing with pleasant endurance
the remain hours of daylight--

Seeing all that overlooked a view,
devoted for a moment in a morning or an afternoon.

The City
detail of pages 10-11 (Canis Major)

The isolated words reminded me of star maps, and each page of text is accompanied by a particular constellation block print. The whole book became this very formal poetic exercise. Part of me likes the idea of the book better than the end result. It's all very DaDa.

copyright Kate Castelli 2010