30 December 2009

On procrastination...

The Sketchbook Project Vol. 4 sent my sketchbook in July. I didn't touch it until the beginning of December.

Realizing I couldn't fill an entire sketchbook in less than a month, I decided to be clever... I cut the binding at the spine and removed all the pages so I had only the cover. Then I made a 16-page artists' book using a traditional pamphlet design and sewed it back into the cover. Voila!

Most of the process involved me staring at bits of ephemera, making a huge mess in the studio, photocopying, and listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix.

The Aftermath of...
(Pages 14-15)

monotype, photocopy and ink wash on graph paper
8.125 x 10" opened
copyright Kate Castelli 2009

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