31 December 2009

The Aftermath of...

The Aftermath of...
(Pages 4-5)

ephemera, photocopy and ink on graph paper
8.125 x 10" opened

Since the sketchbooks are being archived in a library of sorts, each came with a theme (for organizational purposes I suppose.)

Mine was The Aftermath of...

I didn't follow it per say, but as I was developing the book several cohesive threads emerged:

1. Drawing a day-- I incorporated line drawings into the book by photocopying them onto graph paper and playing with them some more. Each spread has a line drawing and a complimentary page. I was looking at the relationship between the two pages (something I have been doing in my sketchbook for a while).

2. Blue-- An unintentional color palette emerged of blue and its compliment, orange.

3. Flight-- Turning your eyes upwards-- birds, aeroplanes, the sky, etc.

4. Circles-- I don't know, they just seem to show up a lot in the compositions.

*See the complete book here.

The Aftermath of...
(Pages 12-13)

photocopy, and ink wash on graph paper
8.125 x 10" opened

copyright Kate Castelli 2009

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Mike Tracy said...

Happy New Year, Kate. Thanks for a wonderful year of beautiful work.