29 August 2008

Rock the Doc- a shameless plug

If you've ever lamented at the loss of your local record store, then check out the latest from up and coming documentary film-maker Brendan Toller: I Need That Record! The Death (or Possible Survival) of the Independent Record Store

I had the privilege of attending elementary through high school with Brendan and got to see his first documentary about Mr. Record, who happened to be our physics teacher and a legend unto himself. Brendan's dry sense of humor and keen wit were rampant throughout. As long as I've known him, music has been an integral part of Brendan's life. It doesn't surprise me that he has taken a critical look at the demise of the independent record store.

So check out the official website for the trailer and latest news. And help support this documentary and its film-maker as it makes the rounds in film festivals and screenings throughout the country.

Official website:

P.S. Sorry Brendan, but I still hate the Beatles (and the Rolling Stones will always be my first and greatest love)

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Reid said...

just randomly stumbled onto your blog. rad work! but i must say that it's always great to see another person that just doesn't like the beatles. we are a rare breed.