25 August 2008


I took a walk up
to the horses on the hill--
forgetting they were gone.

They were old horses,
even when I was a child.

The edge of the sky was
tinged a half-hearted pink,
And the birds did not bother
to fly before me.

Underneath the gentle hum
of the power lines I stood--

the black snake
from a summer
when the horses were still alive.

Equus (summer)

sketchbook page
6 x 10"
gouache and stenciling on vintage paper with hand-stitching
copyright Kate Castelli 2008


Amanda Atkins said...

I love it all!

Shauna said...


its just beautiful. it makes me feel all warm inside. i really think it could work in a childrens book. i do i do.

Kate said...

Thank you!

It is a strangely personal piece (the poem as well).

The other night I just needed to be somewhere else, and I found myself wandering up to a place I used to play as a child.

I really had forgotten that the horses had died years before, but the sky was that eerie color of memories and I was drawn back to summers past.