29 April 2016

Friday Inspiration: William Kentridge...

Everyone Their Own Projector / William Kentridge*

Kentridge plays with the palimpsest and with overlaying; he outlines hidden affinities. He superimposes pages torn from dictionaries, encyclopedias, cookbooks or science manuals, mixing up their languages; he crosses out, erases, covers images with Indian ink, blending different forms of knowledge, perception, and transmission. He engages in his own dialogue with images borrowed from art history through projections, retakes and bifurcations. Each image becomes a possibility, a path of exploration; each drawing, though independent, is part of a system of constant revision and referral in the sketched artistic self-portrait that the title of the book seems to suggest.

*I was recently lucky enough to acquire a copy of this limited edition book...
Artist book (orginals include ink and brush drawings and collages on books pages)
112 pages, facsimile edition of 1500 published in 2008 by Editions Captures, Valence France

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