31 March 2016

The Sketchbook Project 2016: Distance & Time

I'm down to the wire (per usual) on the deadline for The Sketchbook Project 2016. My prompt this year was "Distance and Time," which has been an underlying thread in my work for quite a while. The final book incorporated primary colors, constellation charts, early perspective diagrams from the Renaissance,  Florentine paper, and proof prints from my last woodblock circle series.

{vellum overlay} I had this anecdote in the back of my mind as I was working in the studio.

{pages 18-19}  Primary colors, graph paper, and numbers are constant threads throughout.

{pages 14-15} A vivid blue scrap of marbled paper from Florence combined with a Renaissance diagram and process prints.

{pages 6-7} an incomplete map of the universe...

The Sketchbook Project 2016: Distance & Time
22 pages, single signature binding
cut paper, vintage ephemera and woodblock proofs
9.875 x 6.75" opened
unique edition

copyright Kate Castelli 2016

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