04 April 2013

Collaborative Circles

Caroline Board and I sat down one day in the printshop and cut up all sorts of proofs, ghost prints, and experimental prints to make this latest collaborative book. We completed it in one afternoon.

Untitled (Collaboration No. 6)
accordion with hard covers
woodblock and lithograph
5.5 x 36" opened

In addition to our collaborative books, we've printed our first collaborative edition! The venn diagram inspired print was created after we each carved one side of a circular woodblock. My side is printed in yellow ochre and Caroline's is black.

This print is currently on view at the Atrium Gallery at SMFA as part of the juried Print and Paper Show.

Untitled (K + C)
two color woodblock
edition of 8, 18x24" 

Our collaborative books and prints will be on view during our thesis show at Fourth Wall Project  April 16-27th.

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