21 December 2012

This and That

This book began as a project to explore the formal relationships between random elements from my collection of ephemera. I had envisioned the format, made the accordion structure, and set the type all before I had selected the content. I had an empty book to fill. And that's where things changed.

As soon as I glued down the first pair of elements I realized the relationships and juxtapositions were anything but random. The fragments I had gathered had a history of their own that I couldn't ignore. I spent 10 straight hours in the studio creating the final sequence.

The result was poetic, heavily coded with visual data, and completely mysterious. Although there is not an intended narrative, one can be implied or created through various readings of the sequence. There are threads running throughout. The final book is over 12 feet long, but it can easily fit in your hands.

accordion structure with hardcovers 
ephemera and typewriting
5x150” opened 
unique edition, 2012

copyright Kate Castelli 2012

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