09 July 2012

Sketchbook No. 13

Spread No. 11 (left) a haunting fortune (right) a lithograph test print (7 x 14" open)

Spread No. 16 Hummingbird wings (7 x 14" open)

I finally finished Sketchbook No. 13(ish). Perhaps 13(ish) was an unlucky number because this sketchbook was slow to take shape and even slower to resolve. It took 17 months to complete and seemed to fight me the whole way (maybe it was the square shape?). I lost some momentum for a few months but picked it up again towards the end of the spring.

You can view the entire book here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katecastelli/sets/72157630503798926/

A friend of mine was flipping through the completed sketchbook and she noticed that I had incorporated "Fragile" a lot into the pages, and she was right-- the word appeared in some form or another in 5 spreads.

And now onto a new dauntingly blank sketchbook...

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