12 March 2012


A pair of recent etchings. Each plate has a dozen line drawings of faces based on Renaissance portraits. I was distilling the complex paintings into essential lines and layering them until the density obscured the individual faces.

The top etching is the final edition, while the bottom etching was the result of a printing error. I had printed half a dozen editions with the plates transposed. So I decided to run the print through again with the plates in the right order. The result is a slightly offset double print-- fraternal rather than identical images.

A detail of  the linework (left) and the double printing (right)

Etching and drypoint on copper
plate size 3x4" each
paper size 11x10" on Canson Edition Cream
Edition of 20 with 2 artists proofs*

*Double print resulted in 5 unique editions

copyright Kate Castelli 2012

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