14 March 2011

San Pietro

St. Peter's Basilica

A view of St. Peter's Square (click to enlarge)

St. Peter's square is magnificent. I stayed near the Vatican City and my first afternoon in Rome I got a gelato and sat in the square in awe. The square encircles you in its arms.

The line to get inside often wrapped around the square in the morning. You have to pass through airport level security before you are allowed into the Papal State. The Basilica is overwhelming. Nothing prepared me for the splendor of the interior (or the vastness). As soon as I walked in my whole being felt different. It was very humbling to be inside one of the most sacred spaces of the Roman Catholic faith.

The square was full of life from dawn until dark and I returned there many times over the week to draw or to just sit with the sun on my face.

sketchbook pages copyright Kate Castelli 2011


www.juliadenos.com said...

THIS is what I've been waiting for~Kate's travel sketches...the way you write about the Basilica's vastness transports me-what beautiful line drawings!

ETCIllustration said...

Love love love!

Kate said...