21 January 2011

Sketchbook Project 2011

{The full interior} Chairs, lines, and graph paper...

{Pages 4-5} A double spread of small chair studies from Paris.

{pages 14-15} A sketch from Paris and the resulting linoprint.

I participated for the third time in The Sketchbook Project. I absolutely loved the sketchbook I did last year, and was really excited to be able to pick my own "theme" this time. I chose "Lines and Grids," it seemed to most fitting for my work.

After much procrastination and an extremely chaotic autumn, I found myself in the exact same situation as last year. I had a month before the due date and an empty book. So I cut the binding at the spine and removed all the pages. Then I made a my own simple signature structure of 16 pages and sewed it back into the cover.

I decided to create a book that combined the sketches I did of chairs in Paris with the linoprints that developed later in the summer from the sketches. The intense vertical lines are something I've always done in my sketchbooks as a sort of meditative exercise.

I had all these elements, and it was excruciating to put this book together. Nothing was working, I was really sick of chairs and I was past the point of the ability to start over. I just had to slog through it. It all eventually came together, although I am a bit ambivalent about the end result.

Lines and Grids (And Chairs)
16 pages, single signature with soft cover
linoprint, photocopy and ink wash on graph paper with ephemera
8.125 x 10" opened
copyright Kate Castelli 2010


ETCIllustration said...

It may not be one of your favorites, but it's sure to knock some socks off.


I thought it was amazing that you took something like chairs and created an interesting study out of it. I think it was definitely a success It makes me wonder what I am over looking in my own world of magic and inspiration.