18 December 2010

The myth of Keith

Happy Birthday to Keith Richards...
As he says at every concert, "It's good to be here, it's good to be anywhere." So play some Rolling Stones today and toast the man who will probably outlive us all.

I have been working my way through Keith's autobiography, a hefty volume simply titled Life. As a rabid Stones fan, it is required reading to say the least. And knowing their history backwards and forwards, I wasn't expecting any groundbreaking revelations. But what did surprise me was the compelling conversational tone in which he conjures his memories.

He writes the way he sings or plays a riff. There is an unflinching honesty and directness. He offers up his entire self, down to the bone. The memories, the history, the myths, and in the end you realize something that he himself has never forgotten, that Keith is just being Keith.

Sketchbook Keith
linoprint and  hand-stitching
4.5 x 7"
(Keith always seems to appear in my sketchbooks. )

copyright Kate Castelli 2010 

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