01 December 2010

Chairs at Twelve Chairs

100 Chairs installation view at Twelve Chairs in Fort Point, Boston.

The chairs are strung in rows of 20 in front of the old industrial elevator doors and the factory windows.

The whole installation glows warmly in the afternoon light.

Cast shadows...

I had a great opportunity to create a new installation version of the 100 Chairs project. Because the space had these fabulous brick walls and high ceilings, recreating the 20 x 5 grid on a wall wasn't physically possible. I was initially intrigued by the huge industrial doors and wanted to use them as the backdrop for the work. My final solution was to utilize the corner and the industrial doors as well as the huge windows to "activate" the space. I am thrilled with the final installation.


Chairs at Twelve Chairs is on view beginning today through March 2011.

Opening reception is Thursday, December 9, 6-9pm.

Twelve Chairs
319 A Street, Fort Point, Boston
Red line to South Station


Russ G said...

Great shots, Kate. Can't wait to see in person!

Christina Watka said...

i can't wait to share this space with you soon! i install this weekend. great work, kate. great great great.