09 July 2010


Luna 424
accordion structure with hardcovers
sumi ink, and ephemera with hand-stitching
6.5 x 19" opened

This book came together rather unexpectedly. I was enamored with the color of the old letter and the rest of the pieces quite literally fell into place. Why is the moon so fascinating?

The exquisite handwriting and blue grey paper belong to the outer envelope of a letter from March of 1861. It was postmarked in Florence and arrived in Bordeaux 5 days later. I happened upon the letter at the stamp market in Paris. For a few Euro I bought a packet of 20 letters from France and Italy spanning from the early 1820-1860s. I was elated with the find. Ephemeral indeed. They seem almost too beautiful to use.

Luna 424 opened (top) and detail of the cover (below).

copyright Kate Castelli 2010


Mike Tracy said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Kate. I had one of those moments where my heart stopped. Thanks for sharing.

ETCIllustration said...


And I hate typing in all caps! You deserve it, though.