27 July 2010


I've been listless and frustrated in the studio lately. The heat has been oppressive and I just want to read and eat nectarines. So I have been. I found a couple of bottles of ink I didn't know I had and I was playing around with them last night. I did this quick little chair study on some very thick handmade paper from India.

My fascination and love of chairs is notorious and my good friend Barbara did this page in her sketchbook recently. I love it.

top copyright Kate Castelli 2010
bottom copyright Barbara Geoghegan 2010


Julia Denos said...

haha this whole post made me laugh. mmm nectarines!

ETCIllustration said...

I know how you feel! I'm so unmotivated lately. But I love the ink drawing, especially the varied gray values. ESPECIALLY THE VARIED GRAY VALUES.

Ashley Henry said...

Hahahaha oh how I adore both you and Barbara. This post made my day so thanks:)