01 June 2010

Life and life only

I'm still here.

I know my postings have been rather sparse lately. I got thrown a bit of a curve ball recently. I found salvation in Sherlock Holmes, the Rolling Stones, copious amounts of espresso, and good people. I am now finding my footing again.

Summer is here in the city and I am grateful. Time to get back on track.

What's on the agenda?
1. Making books
2. Putting together my portfolio for grad school
3. New sketchbook!
4. Sketching around Boston with my two groups of summer students
5. Revamping my website
6. Backyard bonfires
7. Plenty of Orangina
8. Trip to NYC to see the Picasso exhibit at the Met
9. SoWA Open Market

So, stay tuned...

Chair study, Jardin des Tuileres
2.5 x 3.75"
ink on paper
Copyright Kate Castelli 2010

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