03 November 2009


Strange not to be posting daily. The drawing-a-day was a personal exercise to get myself out of a rut. It made me fall back in love with line. Line is so deeply satisfying and I realized I had lost touch with that very vital part of my work. Now I've found it again, I just don't know where it's going. I guess I don't have to. Something to over-think another day...

Currently listening to--
You're So Vain / Carly Simon
Sweet Jane / The Velvet Underground
Heroin / The Velvet Underground
She Belongs to Me / Bob Dylan
Till the Next Goodbye / The Rolling Stones
Running up that Hill / Placebo
Rome / Phoenix
Hey, Soul Sister / Train
Dull to Pause / Junior Boys

Evelyn Waugh
Author's Note, Brideshead Revisited

pen and ink
5.5 x 6"
copyright Kate Castelli 2009

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