10 October 2009


I unabashedly love Starbucks. Say what you will, but that $3.64 cup makes me happy.

I find Starbucks oddly comforting. It is consistent in the best possible way. Starbucks in Cambridge is the same as Starbucks in Reykjavik.

I didn't really drink coffee until college. In my junior year when I was trying to work my way through a particularly dense art history course in Postmodernism, I would take all my texts and notebooks and fold myself up into a corner table and read for hours. Anyone who has read Jacques Lecan or Michel Foucault knows you need at least one espresso to even get through the first paragraph.

Now it is a habit to go and work or read or draw or escape. I like to melt into the corner and just watch the world.

Tall non-fat no-whip Hazelnut Mocha (Day 10)
pen and ink
2.75 x 4.75"
copyright Kate Castelli 2009

1 comment:

Ashley Henry said...

I LOVE STARBUCKS. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Dunkins too but there is nothing like a Vanilla Latte on a Fall morning. Yummmmm