02 June 2009

It all adds up

I have been finding numbers on the ground lately. It's very Dada.

Speaking of Dada, I have been engrossed in Dan Franck's Bohemian Paris. It is an art history book that reads like a novel. It examines the tumultuous birth of modern art in the early 20th century in Paris. One can almost imagine lingering in the cafes of Montmatre and Montparnasse and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Picasso, Apollinaire, and Modigliani.

Currently on the studio playlist...

I Grieve / Peter Gabriel
Rainy Day / Coldplay
Mykonos / Fleet Foxes
Electrical Storm / U2
Monkey Gone to Heaven / The Pixies
Haunted / The Moody Blues
Plainsong / The Cure
Numb (New Mix) / U2


Julia Denos said...

Intriguing. I love your number collection, it looks so purposeful in that collage. I remember you found a number in your pocket in my living room!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!!!! You should do something with old stamps, me and my friend found some packs of old stamps for a £1, and some of them are frantastic, they make for great art..