06 February 2009


I finally finished my little Moleskin for the Art House Sketchbook Project. I've never had to keep a sketchbook with a deadline.

I am always a little bit sad when I am finished with a sketchbook. They become companions after a while, especially this one. It got tossed in every bag or back pocket these last couple of months.

But now it's off on tour and I won't get to see it again until March 6th when it makes a stop at Laconia Gallery in Boston.

Bon Voyage!


Amanda Atkins said...

I always feel sad when I finish a sketchbook too. :(
I used to write goodbye letters on the last page of al my journals haha. (I would also draw a picture of my journal with a face sitting across a table from me at pizza and ice cream "parties".)
ps - the code I had to type in to post this was "chineses".

Julia Denos said...

snazzy kate. you've got so many cool events coming up, bravo!