30 January 2009

Places to see

When I was little I wrote down a list of 10 places to see before I die. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have crossed off 3 of those places by the time I was 21-- London, Paris, and Australia. Part of me wants to edit or change the list, but there is something a little sacred about the journeys I dreamt of taking when I was small.

I've been to places not on the list, I will be to many more. But the list remains.

I love to travel and to wander. It is not restlessness, but the desire to see and feel and experience. And be reminded of my sincerely insignificant part of something much greater.

There is so much left to see.

From pages 26-27

Moleskin sketchbook
ink and bleach on paper with hand-stitching
3.5 x 5.5"

copyright Kate Castelli 2009

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