30 November 2008

Payne's Grey

November has a particular palette. The payne's grey of barren trees and sky, the ochre of fields soon to be covered in snow, the golden apricot of daylight fading into evening. It is the time of year in New England where you bundle in sweaters and remark at how early the sun goes down and you can see your breathe in tendrils. The stars always seems especially clear in the inky depths of the night sky.

November makes me think of home and family and warm meals and all that I am grateful for.

And this last day of November happens to be the birthday of fellow artist and one of the best friends you could ask for-- Amanda. Happy Birthday darling!

Currently listening to:
I have been obsessed with Oracular Spectacular by MGMT. The aforementioned Amanda introduced me to them. Their song "Electric Feel" will always remind me of London. The album is quite a trip, but a good one.

These Days - Nico
Needle in the Hay - Elliott Smith
Songbird - Oasis
Fly - Nick Drake
Midnight Rambler - The Rolling Stones
Kids - MGMT
Shelter from the Storm - Bob Dylan
Ooh La La - The Faces

566 (home)
gouache, ink, and stencil with hand-stitching on vintage Winnie-the-Pooh book page
5 x 7.5"

copyright Kate Castelli 2008

1 comment:

Amanda Atkins said...

awwwww, thank you Kate! <3 Can't wait to see you.