05 August 2008


A doodle of the assorted vessels that grace the front windowsill in my studio.

I think studios should be messy and chaotic. I am slightly suspicious of a neat and orderly studio. My studio is an external representation of my current state of mind.

I love looking at photographs of Picasso's studio at La Californie. It was inhabited by a curious dachshund named Lump, a collection of broken chairs that followed him from his early days in Paris, and a lifetime of artifacts and objects that intrigued him.

I have plenty of objects that are intriguing and without explanation: a skull named Agatha, an ancient Bingo card I stole the first day of college, stones and pebbles from 3 continents, things that find their way to me, and things I simply must have because they are wonderful.

I often find myself just sitting and gazing out the window. Desiring to be elsewhere.

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Amanda Atkins said...

I like this post. I hope I see you soon.