01 June 2008

Yellow, Red, & Black

My color palette of late has been yellow, red, and black. My muse has returned and I have at least been in the studio for the last couple of weeks. It feels good to finally do work for myself and not for anyone else.

I have been doing some exploration with the more abstract elements in my work. I've been printing lino blocks over different ephemera to play with layers of texture. I've also been looking at the separate elements and trying to sequence them in non-narrative ways (such as size and color). It involves me happily laying out bits and pieces on the studio floor and staring at them in my bare feet.

This small accordion book (3 x 22" , with each page being 1.125 x 3") is an experiment in collecting, layering, and ordering.

Detail of several pages. Vintage paper, block prints, gouache, Quink, and hand stitching. (copyright Kate Castelli 2008)

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