29 April 2008


I always seem to include chopsticks wrappers in my sketchbook. They are a talisman of sorts. I have always liked the tiny informational graphics on how to hold your chopsticks properly. Apparently I do not have the proper chopsticks technique, but I still manage to get most of the food from my plate to my mouth without embarrassment. It all depends on how hungry you are (or how enticing the dim sum is).

Chopsticks (Keef)
sketchbook page
chopstick wrapper, photocopy, acrylic, gouache, and hand stitching
7 x 10"
copyright Kate Castelli 2008

Currently listening to
(or some songs that got stuck in my head this month...)
1. I Keep Faith -Billy Bragg
2. Family Snapshot -Peter Gabriel
3. If I Can't Change Your Mind -Train
4. Wonderwall -Oasis
5. Loving Cup -The Rolling Stones
6. Sleep Song -Graham Nash
7. Just My Imagination (live from Beacon Theatre) - The Rolling Stones

And warm weather always makes me want to listen to Crosby, Stills, and Nash. And Bob Dylan too.


Amanda Atkins said...

sweeeet playlist.
I can't wait for warm weather.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Dim Sum. I crave me some of that now.

Julia Denos said...

i went out to eat chinese and took special notice that night of the little illustrations on the wrapper!